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Q: How do I order my birthday or celebration cake from Icing on the Cake?

You may place an order in person at our cake shop in Pioneer Buildings, Bacup where we can sit comfortably together and get a real feel for your requirements and learn more about the passion you have for your special cake. Or you can contact Icing on the Cake by email or by telephone us to discuss your requirements. Sometimes we can also visit you – if you are in the Lancs., Greater Manchester or West Yorkshire areas.

Q: Do I need to give Icing on the Cake a deposit before you make my special cake?

When you place your order a deposit will be required to secure the date and enable us begin work on your cake design. This would usually be £10 for a small celebration cake or 25% for large celebration cakes and Wedding Cakes.

Q: What is the cost of a novelty cake from Icing on the Cake?
Novelty Cakes start from £30.00 for sponge cakes and £45.00 for fruit; the final price of your novelty cake will depend on the size of your cake and the decoration required.
Q: Can I buy cheap cakes (Birthday, Christmas, Novelty etc.) from Icing on the Cake?
Basic cake designs start from as little as £25.00 dependant on the size of the Birthday, Christmas, Novelty, Celebration cake.
Q: How do I pay for my cake order from Icing on the Cake? Cash, Cheque etc?.
Payments for all cakes can be made by cheque or cash (at time of consultation).
Q: I live in Manchester – do you deliver hand-made celebration cakes to my home or party venue?
Prices include free delivery to your home or venue within a 10 mile radius of Icing on the Cake, so for example Bacup, Rochdale, Burley, Rossendale, Todmorden etc.; beyond 10 miles is charged at £2 per mile. Delivery includes set up at the venue or home if required but does not include the hire of cake stands etc. You may also pick up your cake from Icing on the Cake.
Q: How long will it take Icing on the Cake to create my Birthday or Wedding cake?
Each cake is individual and the time to create them varies. However Fruit cakes are best made a few weeks before the event to give them time to mature, whereas sponge cakes need to be made as near to the event as possible, in order to give them a longer shelf life.
Q: Do I have a choice in the size of my special occasion cake?
The size of the Cake would depend on the portion size required (e.g. a Wedding cake would probably require more portions than a birthday or novelty cake) and also the type of cake (e.g. fruit cake, sponge cake) and we would then advise ideal size.
Q: Are the cake decorations edible from Icing on the Cake?
Some cake decorations are completely edible and others need some internal support; we will always advise you about what you can eat.
Q: What about the flowers on Wedding cakes from Icing on the Cake?
Flower decorations on Wedding cakes can be either made in Sugar Flower paste (this is edible but is not advised to be eaten if wires supports are in contact with the icing); alternatively fresh or artificial flowers can also be provided if required for your Wedding cake.
Q: How long will my Wedding cake stay fresh – I want to keep a tier for a Christening?
Rich fruit cakes mature with age and can be kept for around 12 months providing the icing is still intact; in order to use them for a christening cake, the Wedding cake icing would need to be stripped back and re-iced.
Q: Can I purchase children’s birthday cakes from Icing on the Cake?
Children’s’ birthday and novelty cakes are available in all the popular characters.
Please feel free to ask.
Q: Can you supply gluten-free cakes for my Birthday cake?
We cater for various dietary requirements including gluten-free. Our cake icing colours are suitable for vegetarians.
Q: Do your Wedding cakes or Christmas cakes contain alcohol?
Rich Fruit Cakes like those traditionally used for Wedding and Christmas cakes do contain alcohol although this can be omitted if required, however they will not last as long. Sponge and chocolate cakes do not contain alcohol.
Q: Will my Wedding Cake from Icing on the Cake have a cake stand?
Cake stands and supports for Wedding cakes can be hired from £15.00 per day with a refundable deposit from £40.00, providing the hired item is returned on time and in good condition and complete.
Q: Do you use healthy ingredients in your celebration cakes?
Our cake ingredients are free range and fair trade wherever possible using local produce.
Q: I want to buy cake matching a person’s personality/character – can Icing on the Cake do that?
We specialise in Novelty Cakes which are tailor-made to match the personality of the individual and can capture their mannerisms, lifestyle, hobbies and quirkiness.
Q: Can I buy a nut-free Novelty cake from Icing on the Cake?
Rich Fruit cakes do contain nuts – and marzipan is made from almonds. A Lighter fruit cake is available which does not contain nuts and is not covered in marzipan.

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“Thanks Christine for all the wonderful cakes you have made for me and there have been many. I would not go anywhere else when your cakes are amazing – from Xmas cakes to those amazing cupcakes for Ruby Jade's baby shower – and at least 10 other cakes in between. You have done me proud every time, thanks so much. Hope your business goes from strength to strength, you deserve it – you’re a wonderful, helpful person and an excellent cake maker.”